2016 Call For Entry

It's time!

OAAA is calling all creative types, it's time to enter the 2016 OBIE Awards. The award that honors creative excellence in the OOH industry. It's time to separate yourself from the ordinary. It's time to place that obelisk on the shelf behind you where it belongs. It's time to swim with the big fish. 

OOH specialists, ad agencies, advertisers, OAAA members, and others will receive a special OBIE Call for Entry in the mail - an OBIE watch.

Recipients are encouraged to wear their OBIE watches as a reminder to upload entries here

Slap your watch onto your wrist, snap a photo, and share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #OBIETime.

General Information

Eligibility for the 2015 OBIE Awards competition requires that paid advertising was displayed on an out of home advertising display at some point during the 2015 calendar year (January 1 through December 31). Identical advertisements displayed during the 2015 calendar year, but entered in any previous OBIE Awards competition, are ineligible.

For an advertisement to qualify for an OBIE Award, the advertiser (or its agency) will have made payment for the unit space directly to an out of home media company owning or operating the structure, the only exception being public service advertisements. Illegal installations or entries that do not comply with standard entry guidelines may be declared ineligible.

Entry Fees

2015 OBIE Awards submissions are $150 per entry.

In order to complete your entry submission online, payment must be made by credit card. If your organization prefers to pay by check, you can still submit entries online but please contact Erica Glotfelty (eglotfelty@oaaa.org) to make payment arrangements. Checks should be made payable to "OAAA 2015 OBIE Awards." Checks or money orders from all countries outside the United States must be drawn on a U.S. bank, payable in U.S. dollars, and mailed to:

OAAA 2015 OBIE Awards
1850 M Street NW, Suite 1040
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 833-5566

Submission Procedure

All entry forms, digital files, and payments must be received by Thursday, December 31, 2015.

Each image must be in JPEG format and under 1.5 MB. In order to preserve image quality for the judging, OAAA asks that each image file depict only one execution or phase of an execution. An entry submission may include multiple images to demonstrate stages of execution (i.e. a tease and reveal) or multiple creative executions within the same campaign. 

OAAA only accepts video submissions for entries in the Video Content category. Please contact Erica Glotfelty (eglotfelty@oaaa.org) at (202) 833-5566 for video submission requirements.

Product Categories

Judging is by product category. There are nine standard product categories and three special product categories. These categories evaluate and reward out of home advertising placed on multiple locations. Single location executions should be submitted in the Special Product Categories as Individual Execution: Billboard or Individual Execution: Street Furniture/Transit/Alternative. Entries may not be posted in multiple categories. OAAA reserves  the right to determine the appropriate product category for an entry and move that entry accordingly.

Standard Product Categories

1. AUTOMOTIVE, TRANSPORTATION & TOURISM – Airlines, automotive, automotive accessories & equipment, auto dealers & services, bus lines, cruise ships, gasoline products, hotels, motels, national parks, public transportation, rental car agencies, resorts, trains, or travel & tourism services

2. BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY – Builders, business-to-business services, churches, computers and software, educational institutions, electronics, financial, freight services, government organizations, health care, insurance, internet service providers, manufacturing equipment, real estate, or telecommunications

3. CONSUMER GOODS, SERVICES & RETAIL – Apparel and accessories, appliances, convenience and drug stores, department stores, discount and variety stores, dry cleaners, fitness centers, furniture, health and beauty, household products, office supplies, pet supplies, shopping centers and malls, sporting goods, supermarkets, or toys and games.

4. ENTERTAINMENT – Casinos, concerts and venues, lotteries, museums, night clubs and bars, sporting events and teams, theatres and live productions, theme parks, or zoos

5. FOOD & RESTAURANTS – Beverages, ingredients, prepared and packaged foods, produce, or restaurants and food services

6. MEDIA – Magazines, motion pictures, mobile applications, newspapers, Internet services, out of home, radio, television, websites, or yellow pages

7. MULTICULTURAL – Any domestic campaign targeting a multicultural audience

8. PUBLIC SERVICE – Any campaign created expressly for use by a charitable cause or non-profit organization

9. VIDEO & INTERACTIVE CONTENT – Any campaign utilizing video or interactive elements

Special Product Categories - Entries submitted in the special product categories may not beentered into other product categories.

A. INDIVIDUAL EXECUTION: BILLBOARD – Any single location execution utilizing any billboard format

single location execution utilizing any Street Furniture/Transit/Alternative format

C. INTERNATIONAL – Any campaign appearing outside the United States

Entry Groups

Entries may be submitted in one of three entry groups. OAAA reserves the right to determine the appropriate entry group for an entry and move that entry accordingly.

1. Billboard Campaign

Advertising consisting solely of posters, junior posters, bulletins, digital billboards, wall murals, and wrapped posters.

2. Street Furniture/Transit/Alternative Media Campaign

Advertising consisting solely of airports, arenas and stadiums, bus shelters, bus transit, cinema, convenience stores, digital place-based networks, kiosks and public telephones, shopping malls, taxi transit, wrapped vehicles, and other forms of alternative out of home media.

3. Multi-Format Campaign

Campaigns that utilize a combination of billboard, street furniture, transit, and alternative media formats.

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The OBIE book is a lasting tribute to the most creative OOH campaigns of the past year. The book is a collection of all the Finalists, Silver OBIE, and Gold OBIE winners, complete with insights from the creative teams behind each campaign.

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