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McDonald's has always been a patron of the OOH medium. Its famous golden arches are a piece of Americana, and its OOH campaigns, often featuring the restaurant's all-American menu, are a testament to OOH's power in keeping brands top of mind to drive sales.

2003 McDonald’s

McDonald's iconic golden arches have served as a beacon for those traveling America's highways for decades.



(2004) (2002)

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Judges Interrogation

Platinum OBIE Award Winner - Spotify 

Gold (Experiential) - Neibolt House Experience

Gold (Non-Profit/PSA) - Irma Gives Back

Gold (Custom Installation) - Rolling Away the Tarp

Gold (Engagement) - Weed Week, Storefronts

Gold (Media) - Stranger Things 2

Gold (Entertainment) - San Diego Taco Fest

Gold (International) - Spotify

Silver Award Winners