GEICO - 2021 | Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame


Established in 1992, the OBIE Hall of Fame was created to recognize brands that have built an enduring legacy through the consistent use of the out of home advertising medium over many years.

GEICO has been selected as the 2021 OBIE Hall of Fame Award recipient. This honor celebrates GEICO’s impactful use of the OOH medium to communicate with consumers for decades, a legacy of creative design excellence that continues to this day. The GEICO Gecko is an icon across advertising formats with trademark humor and timely delivery. Perhaps most significant to the industry is that GEICO was the first to bring OOH media in-home with TV ads that spotlighted its own creative. In doing so, GEICO not only gives a subtle nod to how impactful the OOH format is, but also creates an extension of the humour GEICO is known for bringing OOH stills to life.  

As Martin Agency SVP Group Creative Director, Neel Williams said: “And within a single glance you know exactly who the board is for and what it says. That’s some powerful stuff, especially when it’s compounded over decades.”

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