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Since HBO first began to entertain households in 1972, the premium cable network’s use of simple yet powerful images and advertising concepts has captured the attention of potential viewers and long-time fans.

"Here is a brand that is constantly delivering entertaining, engaging advertising," said Dave Loew, 2015 OBIE chief judge and EVP, executive creative director at Leo Burnett. "HBO has an amazing track record of OOH work, so persuasive and so compelling time and time again."

For many of the network's award-winning series, internationally acclaimed special events, and featured presentations, HBO has used multiple OOH formats over the decades to spotlight and encourage knowledge, artistry, and laughter.

"HBO has always delivered incredibly creative work, and I think it's reflective of them as a company. From top to bottom, they know who they are and what they're about," said Michael Cooper, president of Rapport and a 2015 OBIE judge. "The advertising is very succinct and very clear. You always know what that show is going to be about, how it's going to make you feel, and inevitably – because of the quality of their programming – you want to watch it."

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Since the network's debut in 1972, HBO's advertising strategies and executions have matched the groundbreaking original programming it has become renowned for.

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